August's Newsletter introduces the latest news and gossip including:
- Steel Crown Productions partners with Onslaught Miniatures
- News from Membraine Studios
- Marcovian Small Behemoth



A guide to using magnets with your EPIC models by Peter Ramos, founder of the NetEPIC and Heresy rulesets.

Exodus Wars Fractured Empire by Membraine Studios has been chosen to feature in the SciFi Indie bundle. 

Check it out in there latest newsletter.


An excellent tribute to Epic: Armageddon from Phil at The Shellcase.

Work on the latest version of NetEPIC is soon to commence, Cybershadow the webmaster of Tactical Command is currently setting up the subforums.

Expect to see the rules modernised and jazzed up with the latest new units and game design concepts.
Added new Army Cards for all the army lists in NetEPIC 4.1 courtesy of Ulmo.

Cheers chap! You can find them NetEPIC Gold,

DeAynes is back! Starting with a wonderful assortment of snaps from Vaaish! If you have any photos of your miniatures that you want to show off, then please do email them to us using the contact us page or webmaster@netepic.org

MiniaturesReview.com has a lovely forum which has been shaping up very nicely recently to cover for the demise of Tactical Command. A post which struct me as interesting for people creating Imperial and Necron armies was the following (well spotted L4!):

Click http://www.tacticalwargames.net/forums/index.cgi?act=SF;f=19 to view this years EpiComp. Talented painters from around the globe have gathered together to compete to find this years greatest EPIC scale painter.

We have categories for:

  • Best Battlegroup
  • Best Single Model
  • Best War Engine
  • Open Category
So come along and vote, or even just gawp at the gorgeous lead.
Chaps, Chapesses and players of an unspecified gender,

        I bid you welcome to the brand spanking new EPICentre and hope that you will enjoy rocking out with us in our new web site. Let me know what you think, as I previously stated it is shiny new still so now is a perfect time to make any alterations that might be required.


Tom Webb
EPICentre Webmaster